Conservatory Roofs

We offer a range of glazing options in a variety of finishes and thickness. Glass can maximise light and noise but may also be specified stained, leaded or with bar inserts. Conservatory roof glass may also be chosen to keep itself clean while also keeping you cool in the heat of summer and warm in the chill of winter.

Many styles to choose from so you can be sure we have what your customer is looking for.

Variety Of Options & Colour Finishes Available

​High-tech modern polycarbonate may also be selected for your conservatory roof. The variety of options and colour finishes available may provide privacy from above or reduce the direct glare and heat of sunlight. Foil inserts are also available to reduce solar gain and are a great way to add character to your conservatory.

Why not add a splash of colour …

A selection of colour options for your conservatory is available to complement your home. Choose White for a contemporary finish, or Cream, Rosewood, and Golden Oak finishes for a traditional appearance. You can also choose to have a wood grained exterior with a clean White interior for the best of both worlds.